During the 20 th century a great man named Sh. Dasondhi Ram was born in Patiala City. Later on due to his social services to POOR /NEEDY persons and mankind was KNOWN as VEER JI (Respected brother of Patiala Citizen). His services towards poor and needy persons can be compared with Bhai Ghanaiya Ji (A great follower of Guru Gobind Singh Ji,10th Guru of Sikhs). Who served the man kind and persons without considering RELIGION and CASTE of NEEDY PERSON.

                 During the year 1975,Sh Om Parkash Kaushish had a chance

To meet Veer Ji Dasondhi Ram, was very much impressed by social activities provided by VEER JI towards MAN KIND.

                  After the sad demise of late Sh. Dasondhi Ram VEER Ji

Sh.O.P Kaushish was very much anxious to start one social organization during the year 1987, Sh Om  Parkash Kaushish formed a cheritable organization named as Janhit Samiti Punjab with 11 members only. STARTING AID to poor and needy students. By and by more persons from different spheres started  joining the SAMITI. With all mighty’s WILL and efferts of Sh. O.P. Kaushish brought fruits. During the year 1990 JANHIT SAMITI PUNJAB was registered with PUNJAB GOVERNMENT. Now there are more than 1600members.


 Janhit Samiti Punjab is a WELL KNOWN ORGANISATION in Distirct Patiala.Different Types of Projects are run by the Samiti related to uplift of  POOR,NEEDY PERSONS.Details of which are given on this WEBSITE. I request you to JOIN US TO SERVE THE MAN KIND in a BETTERWAY. 

 Shi OM Parkash Kaushish

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