We have proposed the following new Projects in the near future:- 

(i) PURCHASE OF DIESEL AMBULANCE At present, project we are having two ambulances which are running on PETROL,so the running cost is high We have proposed to PROCURE -ONE AMBULANCE TO RUN ON DIESEL. It will reduce RUNNING COST and more beneficial to poor patients.

(ii) COMMENCEMENT OF JOB ORIENTED COURCES IN OUR TRAINING CENTER.At present we are running basic cources in our Tailoring Training Centers and Computer Training Centers, there is a demand to introduce job- Oriented Cources.

Poor patients in Patiala are feeling a great difficulty in paying high charges in private clinical laboratories.Our members have suggested to OPEN ONE cheretable clinical laboratory for poor patients at a suitable place.
We have proposed to open one Elementary School(Englisgh Medium) in Village Raipur which will raise the standard of our students.
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